Update: Winthrop Wedding Expo

The first ever Winthrop-by-the-Sea Wedding Expo was last night at the beautiful and spacious Beacon Photography Studios.  

Exhibiting were a fine array of local vendors.  Some of my favorites, besides my own wedding insurance display, were  Christine Bernstein of Balloon City of Boston with fabulous,  festive and creative balloon decorations, Cindy Levins & Maggie Morris of Luna Boutique with their gorgeous baubly Mariposa ware, and the irresistable Chris Thompson of BlackStrap BBQ / Tasty Plates Catering with his yummy sweet and spicey chicken with fruity salsa on a flatbread bite.  

Many thanks to Kathy Boudreau from Travelers Insurance, who stood in high heels with me the entire night, and explained some of the perils that could happen to spoil the bride and groom’s big day.  Lets face it, a venue that goes bankrupt, a dress that is ruined in a fire, an accident to the bride or groom… all things we worry about and all things that wedding insurance can respond to. 

We agreed that everyone was very interested in finding out just what wedding insurance was, and everyone agreed it was a good idea!

We raffled off an Ellen Tracey rolling luggage piece, and  gift certificates to Luna Boutique and to La Siesta Restaurant.  The winner was Linda Rainville!


The Perfect Wedding Gift … consider this one

A bride & groom’s wedding day is certainly one of the most important day in their lives.  For a unique idea, either for yourselves or a gift, read on

Jack and Pam on their wedding
                 Jack and Pam Jaques

Tremendous amounts of money, planning, not to mention hopes and dreams, goes into making sure the day is absolutely perfect.

The dress of her dreams.  Could the tailor  that is doing the alterations sustain a fire, like the recent one in Swampscott, MA?   According to WHDH news “Authorities say 13 people lived in the building, and besides the café, a tailor with wedding gowns inside, along with a nail salon, hair salon and a construction company.”

Could the Country Club where you are having your reception, suddenly shut it’s doors due to economic hard-times,  like the one in Georgetown?

Could your fiance get called to duty?

Could someone critical to the wedding party, such as a parent, suddenly become too ill to attend, and you want to postpone?

Did you know you can get insurance to help out in these circumstances for as little as $160?   Visit our website for more information, or, come to the following bridal show to learn more about this and other wonderful wedding vendors such as florists, photographers, and more!

RSVP here

Date:  Thursday May 26th
Time:  6-9PM
Place:  Beacon Photography, 185 Winthrop Street, Winthrop, MA  02152 (617)848-8246

Go “green” with HYBRID vehicles for your business

I’m kind of a fan of the hybrid movement.  I recently purchased my first, a Nissan Altima in February.    I love the feel of zero gas dollars being consumed when it switches silently into electric mode.  I love the sound of nothing but my music that the electric mode provides. 

My Nissan Altima Hybrid front

My Nissan Altima Hybrid

Some think it’s a little geeky, and I know the vehicle was  more expensive, but as I see gas prices creep ever upward, I have to smirk just a little.   So when I saw this insurance “reward” for hybrid commercial vehicles, I just had to share…

If you are thinking about how your business can effortlessly “go green” just a little, here’s a great, easy way.   If your commercial vehicle sustains a total covered loss, did you know that you can get extra $$$ over and above the Actual Cash Value of the vehicle, up to $2500, if you replace your regular gasoline powered commercial vehicle with a HYBRID commercial vehicle ??  Call me, Chris Millerick @800-696-3947 about Hybrid Replacement Coverage for your commercial vehicle(s).

Erica Citro Participates in Project Bread’s Walk For Hunger

Erica Citro Walk for Hunger with Savie Vath

Pictured here on the right is Erica Citro with fellow walker Savie Vath.

On Sunday, May 1st, 2011 Erica Citro participated in Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger. The 20-mile Walk route weaves through Boston, Brookline, Newton, Watertown, and Cambridge.

Erica and fellow walker Savie Vath walked a total of 20 miles and Erica earned $310 for the cause. When asked why she does the walk, Erica said, “I found it very rewarding to do something for others. I enjoyed doing it and would do it again.”

Erica lives in Saugus, MA and has been employed at Elliot Whittier Insurance Services, LLC since 2006. She holds a CISR & PLCS designation and was recently promoted to Personal Lines Supervisor it’s Winthrop, MA office.  Elliot Whittier also has an office in Peabody, MA.

Elliot Whittier supports the involvement of it’s employees who choose to take part in volunteer efforts.

“We believe that by contributing to the world around us through volunteerism and financial contributions, we enrich both ourselves and our Elliot Whittier Team, which is reflected in the value we bring to our clients.” said Elliot Whittier CEO, Steve Roy. 

According to Project Bread, Hunger affects more than 660,000 people in Massachusetts, including the state’s most vulnerable citizens — children, the elderly, the disabled, and the unemployed.

Hunger also affects the working poor, who use more and more of their income to pay rent, heating oil, medical care, and childcare. Both children and the elderly are disproportionately represented at emergency food programs funded by Project Bread. In low-income communities throughout the state, one child in three lives in a family that struggles to put food on the table.

Since 1969, Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger has provided critical resources for hungry children and families in Massachusetts. Today, The Walk for Hunger is the oldest continual pledge walk in the country, and the largest annual one-day fundraiser to alleviate local hunger.

Money raised through The Walk for Hunger funds more than 400 food pantries, soup kitchens, food banks, and food salvage programs in 135 communities across Massachusetts.

The Walk for Hunger is held on the first Sunday in May every year.

Elliot Whittier Insurance Services, LLC is a local Trusted Choice® agency that represents multiple insurance companies, so it offers you a variety of personal and business coverage choices and can customize an insurance plan to meet your specialized needs. You can visit Elliot Whittier online at www.ElliotWhittier.com, email info@elliotwhittier.com, or call 800-696-3947.