Go “green” with HYBRID vehicles for your business

I’m kind of a fan of the hybrid movement.  I recently purchased my first, a Nissan Altima in February.    I love the feel of zero gas dollars being consumed when it switches silently into electric mode.  I love the sound of nothing but my music that the electric mode provides. 

My Nissan Altima Hybrid front

My Nissan Altima Hybrid

Some think it’s a little geeky, and I know the vehicle was  more expensive, but as I see gas prices creep ever upward, I have to smirk just a little.   So when I saw this insurance “reward” for hybrid commercial vehicles, I just had to share…

If you are thinking about how your business can effortlessly “go green” just a little, here’s a great, easy way.   If your commercial vehicle sustains a total covered loss, did you know that you can get extra $$$ over and above the Actual Cash Value of the vehicle, up to $2500, if you replace your regular gasoline powered commercial vehicle with a HYBRID commercial vehicle ??  Call me, Chris Millerick @800-696-3947 about Hybrid Replacement Coverage for your commercial vehicle(s).


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