The Perfect Wedding Gift … consider this one

A bride & groom’s wedding day is certainly one of the most important day in their lives.  For a unique idea, either for yourselves or a gift, read on

Jack and Pam on their wedding
                 Jack and Pam Jaques

Tremendous amounts of money, planning, not to mention hopes and dreams, goes into making sure the day is absolutely perfect.

The dress of her dreams.  Could the tailor  that is doing the alterations sustain a fire, like the recent one in Swampscott, MA?   According to WHDH news “Authorities say 13 people lived in the building, and besides the café, a tailor with wedding gowns inside, along with a nail salon, hair salon and a construction company.”

Could the Country Club where you are having your reception, suddenly shut it’s doors due to economic hard-times,  like the one in Georgetown?

Could your fiance get called to duty?

Could someone critical to the wedding party, such as a parent, suddenly become too ill to attend, and you want to postpone?

Did you know you can get insurance to help out in these circumstances for as little as $160?   Visit our website for more information, or, come to the following bridal show to learn more about this and other wonderful wedding vendors such as florists, photographers, and more!

RSVP here

Date:  Thursday May 26th
Time:  6-9PM
Place:  Beacon Photography, 185 Winthrop Street, Winthrop, MA  02152 (617)848-8246


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