Update: Winthrop Wedding Expo

The first ever Winthrop-by-the-Sea Wedding Expo was last night at the beautiful and spacious Beacon Photography Studios.  

Exhibiting were a fine array of local vendors.  Some of my favorites, besides my own wedding insurance display, were  Christine Bernstein of Balloon City of Boston with fabulous,  festive and creative balloon decorations, Cindy Levins & Maggie Morris of Luna Boutique with their gorgeous baubly Mariposa ware, and the irresistable Chris Thompson of BlackStrap BBQ / Tasty Plates Catering with his yummy sweet and spicey chicken with fruity salsa on a flatbread bite.  

Many thanks to Kathy Boudreau from Travelers Insurance, who stood in high heels with me the entire night, and explained some of the perils that could happen to spoil the bride and groom’s big day.  Lets face it, a venue that goes bankrupt, a dress that is ruined in a fire, an accident to the bride or groom… all things we worry about and all things that wedding insurance can respond to. 

We agreed that everyone was very interested in finding out just what wedding insurance was, and everyone agreed it was a good idea!

We raffled off an Ellen Tracey rolling luggage piece, and  gift certificates to Luna Boutique and to La Siesta Restaurant.  The winner was Linda Rainville!


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