(Hurricane) Irene, we hardly knew you

Many will say, this storm was kind of a yawner – at least for us here is eastern MA.  Sure, we lost electricity.  Sure, tree limbs are down.   But Irene’s major threat ran out of gas before she came as she passed west of us.  By and large there did not seem to be large numbers of injuries or major losses to property in our surrounding area.

However, Monday morning, working in my insurance agency office, I can tell you… the phones are ringing “of the hook”.    We have tons of calls from customers stating tree limbs fell on their cars and damaged them, or onto their fences or properties.  

Tree down on Hale Ave Winthrop MA

Tree down on Hale Ave Winthrop MA. Image from Suzanne Chiudina

Like any claim situation, coverage for these incidents are circumstantial, and depend on varying factors.  Please call us, or your own particular insurance agent, if you have any questions about tree’s damaging your property, or any other kind of loss.  Bear in mind that in most cases a special Wind Storm deductible would apply. 

So even though this was a bit of a “false alarm” in the Boston area, let’s not let this lull us into nonchalance on the preparedness issue.  We are still very early on in the hurricane season.  I, for one, will remember this lesson and NEVER part my car near a tree when a storm is coming.  And I still have my supply of flashlights and “D” batteries.


Earthquakes on the East Coast? Are We Insured?

Massachusetts and East Coast Experience “rare” Earthquake

What can we do? Are we prepared for earthquakes? Am I insured?

 On August 23, 2011, the east coast of the US experienced something we don’t often feel – an earthquake. Something reserved more often for those living in California, many of us have never felt an earthquake before, and there was quite a buzz surrounding the event.

Having said that, the fact that we lie on fault lines here on the east coast, has been documented. MEMA (Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency) states that Massachusetts is in a “moderate” earthquake zone, and takes the threat of a potentially destructive earthquake in this area very seriously.

Earthquakes are not covered under standard homeowner’s or businessowner’s policies. Please contact us if you would like more information about Earthquake Coverage. In the meanwhile…

Boston Harbor Cruise “Majesty” – a great setting for our company outing

Rain held off, and a lovely night was had by all in attendance last week aboard the Majesty, Boston Harbor Cruise’s  “premier luxury charter vessel”.

Miss Majesty cruised past USS Constitution at sunset to the firing of cannons, which was quite a regal experience!   She halted for a few moments at the precipice of a runway at Logan Airport, and even us close-to-the-airport dwellers had our collective breath taken away at the sight of the bellies of jumbo jets passing right over our heads! 

Many of us from Elliot Whittier Insurance were able to attend on beautiful summer evening.  Here are just a few pictures.

FAQ’s for Massachusetts Tornado Victims

Thanks to some news fresh off the presses from FEMA, I’m happy to share some information we received that recent Massachusetts tornado victims may find helpful!   Some of the questions on people’s mind that can be answered are:

  • I have insurance. Should I wait for my insurance settlement before requesting additional assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency?
  • I already repaired my home. Can I still apply?
  • I got help from the American Red Cross. Can I still register with FEMA if I need assistance?
  • Do I have to meet a minimum amount of damage before I can register with FEMA?
  • Do I have to be turned down by my bank before I can apply for a disaster loan?
  • I don’t really want a loan. Do I still need to fill out the SBA application when I receive it?
  • If I qualify for an SBA loan, do I have to accept it?
  • I rent an apartment. Can I get help to replace my damaged personal property?

For answers to these questions, please see the full context of the press release from FEMA here.

If you are looking for an insurance agent that helps keep YOU up to date on important issues, check out Elliot Whittier Insurance, for home, auto, business & life.