Ten Years Later: Dr. Robert Hartwig Discusses the Insurance Impact of 9/11

Ten years after the terror attack of September 11th, I.I.I.’s Dr. Robert Hartwig an economist and president of the Insurance Information Institute talks about the impact of that day on himself and the insurance industry–both then and now.  Many people wonder about the impact on the insurance world, and how it affects us.  Here is an interesting perspective.

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Earthquakes on the East Coast? Are We Insured?

Massachusetts and East Coast Experience “rare” Earthquake

What can we do? Are we prepared for earthquakes? Am I insured?

 On August 23, 2011, the east coast of the US experienced something we don’t often feel – an earthquake. Something reserved more often for those living in California, many of us have never felt an earthquake before, and there was quite a buzz surrounding the event.

Having said that, the fact that we lie on fault lines here on the east coast, has been documented. MEMA (Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency) states that Massachusetts is in a “moderate” earthquake zone, and takes the threat of a potentially destructive earthquake in this area very seriously.

Earthquakes are not covered under standard homeowner’s or businessowner’s policies. Please contact us if you would like more information about Earthquake Coverage. In the meanwhile…