Ten Years Later: Dr. Robert Hartwig Discusses the Insurance Impact of 9/11

Ten years after the terror attack of September 11th, I.I.I.’s Dr. Robert Hartwig an economist and president of the Insurance Information Institute talks about the impact of that day on himself and the insurance industry–both then and now.  Many people wonder about the impact on the insurance world, and how it affects us.  Here is an interesting perspective.

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Boston Harbor Cruise “Majesty” – a great setting for our company outing

Rain held off, and a lovely night was had by all in attendance last week aboard the Majesty, Boston Harbor Cruise’s  “premier luxury charter vessel”.

Miss Majesty cruised past USS Constitution at sunset to the firing of cannons, which was quite a regal experience!   She halted for a few moments at the precipice of a runway at Logan Airport, and even us close-to-the-airport dwellers had our collective breath taken away at the sight of the bellies of jumbo jets passing right over our heads! 

Many of us from Elliot Whittier Insurance were able to attend on beautiful summer evening.  Here are just a few pictures.

Why an independent insurance agent? Why not online?

Watch this video, which explains some of the reasons why consumers want an independent agent. 

Click the image to see why you want to declare your independence

Declare your independence with an insurance that REALLY gives you freedom

These values cannot be obtained from the big, national advertisers, which tout cartoonish characters as a way to attract your business.


Go “green” with HYBRID vehicles for your business

I’m kind of a fan of the hybrid movement.  I recently purchased my first, a Nissan Altima in February.    I love the feel of zero gas dollars being consumed when it switches silently into electric mode.  I love the sound of nothing but my music that the electric mode provides. 

My Nissan Altima Hybrid front

My Nissan Altima Hybrid

Some think it’s a little geeky, and I know the vehicle was  more expensive, but as I see gas prices creep ever upward, I have to smirk just a little.   So when I saw this insurance “reward” for hybrid commercial vehicles, I just had to share…

If you are thinking about how your business can effortlessly “go green” just a little, here’s a great, easy way.   If your commercial vehicle sustains a total covered loss, did you know that you can get extra $$$ over and above the Actual Cash Value of the vehicle, up to $2500, if you replace your regular gasoline powered commercial vehicle with a HYBRID commercial vehicle ??  Call me, Chris Millerick @800-696-3947 about Hybrid Replacement Coverage for your commercial vehicle(s).

UPDATE: Cherry Blossoms Survive in the Snow!

We’re back from a fantastic weekend in Washington DC with happy news.   Although my continental breakfast room service was going to be late “due to the snow”, the Cherry Blossoms in DC survived just fine, thank you very much.  

Washington Monument framed by Cherry Tree Blossoms

Washington Monument framed by Cherry Tree Blossoms

Taking a break from The National Walk For Epilepsy to capture the beauty of the Cherry Trees in Washington DC, just beneath the Washington Monument.
Taking a break from The National Walk For Epilepsy to capture the beauty of the Cherry Trees in Washington DC, just beneath the Washington Monument

So while the fluffy white stuff fell softly from the sky, accumulating in little patchy clumps like so much lint from a load of white towels,  the beloved and beautiful blossoms prevailed and made for a remarkable framework around the Tidal Basin in our nation’s capital.  Thinking of going to the National Cherry Blossom Festival?  Worry not, and while you visit the official website, you can donate to the relief efforts in Japan, the country responsible for gifting us with those magnificent trees.

Do cherry blossoms bloom in the snow?

Photo taken during the National Epilepsy Walk March 2009

DC was ablaze with pink cherry blossoms in March 2009

So I’m off.  Heading to Washington DC to take part in the National Walk for Epilepsy,  supporting a cause that’s near and dear. 

My daughters, my cousin and I went a couple of years ago at this same time of year, a first trip to our nation’s capital for most of us.  We were enchanted not only by the outpouring of support that comes along with an event like this, but also by the amount of pale pink puffs exploding from every cherry tree branch, in a jubilant announcement that spring is upon us.  

Even though it was cold and rainy 2 years ago, the sun was begging to come out

But here we are, Mother Nature stubbornly clinging to the winter of 2010/2011, and we’ll have seen snow 3 times this week.

I’ve looked at the extended forecast for DC, further south last time I checked, yet it’s not much better:   no snow but 40 degrees and rain on Walk Day.   The only thing worse than snow is cold rain.

But Team Bree will survive…slogging through the rain as we did 2 years ago, in unison with thousands others, unfazed by the dreary cold, steadfast in our unity, and peeking under branches, looking for pink puffs of hope that we know will come.