FAQ’s for Massachusetts Tornado Victims

Thanks to some news fresh off the presses from FEMA, I’m happy to share some information we received that recent Massachusetts tornado victims may find helpful!   Some of the questions on people’s mind that can be answered are:

  • I have insurance. Should I wait for my insurance settlement before requesting additional assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency?
  • I already repaired my home. Can I still apply?
  • I got help from the American Red Cross. Can I still register with FEMA if I need assistance?
  • Do I have to meet a minimum amount of damage before I can register with FEMA?
  • Do I have to be turned down by my bank before I can apply for a disaster loan?
  • I don’t really want a loan. Do I still need to fill out the SBA application when I receive it?
  • If I qualify for an SBA loan, do I have to accept it?
  • I rent an apartment. Can I get help to replace my damaged personal property?

For answers to these questions, please see the full context of the press release from FEMA here.

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